A new feature!

Hello friends!

We’re excited to announce a new feature pushed to SurveySays last night:


Until now, SurveySays only supported single-select question types. While it’s always our goal to keep things as streamlined and easy as possible, this was an inherent shortcoming that many of you had asked about.

To try it out, click here and draft a survey. You’ll see a dropdown at the bottom of each new question page asking you to specify whether this is a single-select or multi-select question.

We considered leaving the default setting to single-select, but after interviewing enough of you, we learned it’s just as likely that any given question was no less likely to be multi-select than to be single-select. So we’re requiring you to specify what kind of question you’re asking every time you write a new question, rather than leave anything on default.

It’s one more step, yes, but a good step. We believe this will enhance the value of your SurveySays reports, and allow you to dig deeper into the minds of your target audience.

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