SurveySays is an answers-first survey platform that allows you to immediately survey your target audience. Ask up to three questions, then field your survey to 300 people. No account or login needed.

Where do these respondents come from?
We partner with dozens of enterprise panel providers around the world. These are companies that maintain and continuously-clean databases of real people’s contact information. The people taking your survey are real people with real, thoughtful answers to your questions. Click here for more on response quality.

How much does this cost?
$99 to survey 300 people.

How many questions can I ask?
Up to three.

What kinds of questions can I ask?
Multiple-choice questions only.

What kinds of people use SurveySays?
Market researchers, brand managers, product managers, journalists, students, academic researchers, and anyone interested in getting real answers to their most interesting questions.

What kinds of questions do people ask on SurveySays?
Anything and everything. Some examples include:
• Which of these brands is your favorite?
• Which of these colors is the most relaxing?
• Who did you vote for in the last presidential election?
• Which of these products have you ever purchased?
• What is the opposite of the feeling of anticipation?

What will my report look like?
Here’s an example.

Who’s behind this tool?
This tool was created by Nick Freiling and is owned by Haven Insights.