Survey real people.
Become data-driven.

Ask any question to 300 real people. Get the answers you need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Market research on the fly.

SurveySays is an answers platform that empowers you to immediately survey your target audience. Ask up to three questions, then field your survey to 300 people — a random sample that fits your targeting criteria.

  • Next-day results
  • Easy survey build
  • High-quality data
  • Easy-to-read reporting

A tool for innovators.

Our platform empowers innovators across industries to learn what people really think.

📢 Marketers

Test product messaging
Measure brand awareness
Uncover consumer needs

👨‍💻️ Product Managers

Identify in-demand features
Gauge product demand
Test product/feature names

📝 Journalists

Gather supporting data
Gauge public opinion
Generate charts/graphs

🚀 Startups

Validate a new business idea
Size your market
Measure willingness-to-pay

📈 Researchers

Measure consumer sentiment
Validate secondary research
Poll niche populations

👨‍🎓️ Students

Gather data for a project
Discover research gaps
Support papers with research

Become data-driven.

“We run every new app name through SurveySays. We’ve never been more confident about the apps we release. It’s like our own focus group of 300 people, available on-demand.”

Dana Lee

Dana Sanchez

App Developer



Answers await.

Start now. Find out what you can accomplish with the answers you need.

  • Ask up to 3 questions
  • 300 high-quality answers
  • Next-day report